Vladlen, Special Commissioner for the Northern Front and military mediator in Kamona.
Vladlen: Tevilan-born Special Commissioner and Military Mediator.


Vladlen, a native of Tevila, originally served as an operations expert in a special airborne regiment of his home nation. After making great achievements in a local battle, he secretly joined the Tevilan Security Department. Shortly after the North-South Conflict broke out, the Northern Security Union provided assistance to the Northern Front, and Vladlen was sent there as a military observer. After the Clan leader led Renoir and others to break away from the Northern Front, the operation was forced to a halt and the Second Clan was disbanded. Thereafter, Vladlen continued to lead the intelligence work of the Northern Front as Special Commissioner, safeguarding the interests of the Northern Security Union in the Gungnir plan. After the Sumek Committee intervened in the war, Vladlen was appointed as one of their military mediators in Kamona.