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Season 2 Launch Celebration

The new version launch brings exciting rewards! You can look forward to receiving gold coins, pumpkin coins, universal keys, outfit vouchers, and more. Plus, the Weapon Master challenge awaits you – complete the challenge missions to win an S2 new weapon!

But wait, there's more! Join us for the Battle For The Port Dev Stream at 14:00 (UTC+0) on October 27th. Get the latest game updates, uncover development stories with the producer, and enjoy exclusive in-game rewards while watching!

>>>> Exclusive Season Launch Rewards

New Season Login Gift

Oct. 20th - Nov. 2nd (UTC+0)

After the new season update, log in to the game and visit the event page to claim 60 coins.

Fog of War Login Gift

Oct. 27th - Nov. 9th (UTC+0)

Login daily from October 27th to collect rewards. After 6 days, get an advanced Quick Kit coupon, and after 7 days, claim a universal key to unlock any room your heart desires!

Unlock Your Wealth

Oct. 27th - Oct. 29th (UTC+0)

Log in to the game between Oct. 27th and Oct. 29th and collect a universal key from the mail center.

>>>> The Port Calls

Road to Port

Oct. 27th - Nov. 9th (UTC+0)

New missions have come from Rodriguez, the latest contact in the Dark Zone! Complete the Timely Delivery mission to unlock the Port map in advance and gain combat activity, helping unlock the map for all players! Claim rewards once global combat activity reaches a certain amount. If you unlock the Port map in advance, you can lead players who haven't unlocked it yet into the map as a team captain.

>>>>S2 New Guns Are Here

Weapon Master

Oct. 27th - Nov. 23rd (UTC+0)

Compete in weapon challenges to become the ultimate weapon master! Choose from AN94, AEK, ACE31, Scar-L, and DP12 challenges, one at a time, and earn a free S2 new weapon by participating.

>>>>Night of Terror Arrives

Coin Store

Oct. 27th - Nov. 9th (UTC+0)

Gather pumpkin coins for an exclusive outfit! Find them in suitcases, sports backpacks, and cases in Storm Warning mode. You can also get them from mysterious patrols, boss squads in Storm Warning mode, and in-game events.

That's just a peek at what the Battle for the Port update brings. Even more is waiting for you in Season 2! Log in, claim your rewards, and fight on, operator. The Port's calling – rally your teammates and storm the new map together!

The Arena Breakout Team